This walnut butter pad thai recipe only takes about 30 minutes to put together, making it a great weeknight meal!
You’ll need:
8 oz rice noodles
3 T cooking oil
3 cloves garlic
8 oz of protein of choice (shrimp, tofu, or chicken are all great)
2 eggs
1 bell pepper
3 green onions
1/2 cup chopped walnuts, toasted
2 limes
1/2 C cilantro
3 T fish sauce
1 T soy sauce
4 T brown sugar
2 T rice vinegar
1 T Sriracha
2 T walnut butter

Cook noodles according to package. Mix sauce ingredients together and set aside. Heat oil and cook your protein, then add the garlic and pepper. Push to the sides, and scramble the eggs in the middle of the pan until cooked. Mix in sauce and noodles, then garnish with the rest of the ingredients. Enjoy!

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