Are these tiny apple pies, or are they sweet egg rolls? But what if they also taste kind of cheecake-y? We aren’t really sure what category these fall into, but there’s no denying that they’re immensely satisfying! The flavors of fried fair food meld with autumnal apple pie to create these tasty morsels that perfectly pair with your pumpkin spice latte! 


3 apples (tart kinds are best!)
1 1/2 C water
1/4 C cornstarch
1/4 C sugar
1 T lemon juice
1 t cinnamon
1/2 t nutmeg


4 oz cream cheese, softened
4 oz Wellnut Farms salted caramel walnut butter
1 T brown sugar


Whisk the cornstarch into the water, a little bit at a time, over medium-low heat. Add in the sugar, lemon juice, and spices, and bring the heat up a bit to allow the sauce to thicken for a few minutes. Add in the peeled, chopped apples, and allow to simmer. Meanwhile, in a small mixing bowl, fold together the cream cheese, walnut butter, and brown sugar.

Once apples are soft, turn off the heat, and prepare to assemble. Take your egg roll wrappers (oriented like a kite-shape), smear a little of the “cheesecake” filling into the middle, then spoon some of the apple mixture inside. Fold in the sides, then the top, and dab the remaining triangle shape with water, then roll up tightly. Fry in oil that’s been heated to 375 degrees, just until brown on all sides. Remove to a plate with a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

Top with powdered sugar, and maybe a drizzle of caramel sauce, and enjoy!