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Q: Why Walnuts?

Walnuts have been an underutilized nut that have primarily been used as a secondary ingredient. Our focus has been to bring all of the amazing health benefits and rich nutty flavor of Walnuts into a must have butter. Walnuts are the star ingredient in our walnut butters, nearly 90% are walnuts.

Q: What does sustainable mean?

At Wellnut Farms, we are committed to providing the absolute best quality products while doing everything possible to treat our earth with care. Sustainable farming practices are paramount to our operation with focus on soil health, minimal water use, minimal pesticides, decreased pollution, employee wellbeing, and environmentally friendly.

Q: Why do you use palm oil?

We uses palm oil to help keep our product consistent, smooth, and shelf stable. We only use RSPO certified palm oil which accounts for only 4% grown in the world.

Q: What is the difference between standard and RSPO “sustainable” palm oil?

RSPO palm oil production use practices that reduce deforestation, preserve biodiversity, and respect the livelihoods of rural communities in oil producing countries.

Q: Why are there sugars in your products?

We use pure cane sugar to take away the little bit of bite that is left from the walnut. This ensures you have a great taste in your mouth, before, during, and after indulging. The amount of sugar is minimal compared to other nut butters in the market.

Q: Is your Product GMO free?

Yes all of our products are GMO free and we are in the process of getting everything certified.

Q: Is your product gluten & grain free?

Yes, all Wellnut Farms products are gluten and grain free.

Q: Why are walnuts good for you?

Walnuts have been proven to have the most health benefits out of any nut.

• High ALA omega- 3 essential fatty acids

• Cancer fighting

• High in many micronutirents

• Good for your heart

• Assists in weight loss

• Helps decrease aging

• Assists in male reproductive health


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